Stay in shape with the Atkins Diet


Atkins diet food pyramid

Atkins diet food pyramid

Never heard of it? Then, perhaps it’s time for you to consider this practice of losing weight. Atkins Diet has a long history of getting that perfect method in losing weight without compromising your meals or avoiding to it three times a day. Thanks to Robert Atkins, he gave us something to look forward to through his nutritional approach of low-carbohydrate diet.

The idea behind Atkins diet is simple—you only need to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates you take. This is pretty easy to say yet pretty challenging to do. Because of the different fast-food restaurants which sell large burgers to crispy fries, sticking to a diet method is harder than you’ve ever taught.

Okay, the deal about the Atkins diet is to drastically avoid carbs in your meal so that your body can look for other ways to produce energy. Thus, it will resort to using your fat storage as a fuel. In this way, you are burning fats without having to exercise a lot and you are going to release a by-product called ketones. This will act as your body fuel instead of the famous glucose which comes from carbohydrates.

The Atkins Diet is simple enough and some notable results are seen after two weeks like wearing your used-to-be-tight clothes effortlessly, not sweating yourself to death through exercise although the diet recommends a 30-minutes workout per day and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in your plate. More, you won’t become hungry with this Atkins Weight loss program because you are going to be eating every two to three hours to replenish your body fuel.

It may be a big and sudden change for beginners, yet this program will satisfy you in the long run and you are going to be staying in shape with your new healthy lifestyle.

So, after reading just a little bit about the Atkins Diet, you’re probably eager to start your own low-carbohydrates diet and well, we won’t delay your wants. There are four stages in the Atkins diet and you must strictly adhere on the needs of each stage. Don’t eat more than what is stated and be cautious on your meals.

Induction: This is the first phase in the Atkins Diet and it’s also the hardest to conquer. This phase involves sudden change in your eating habits to activate the process of Ketosis in your body. Ketosis is the conversion of body fats to Ketones and this involves eating at least 100 grams of fat, 150 grams of protein, 20 grams of naturally-occurring sugars in the form of vegetables and fruits and your taking in your vitamins for other minerals. There should be no carbohydrates present in your servings and about two weeks is recommended for this phase.

Ongoing Weight loss: This Atkins diet phase is the additional minimum increase of about 5 grams of carbohydrates per week. And it involves following a ladder which contains rungs with different menu for each week. You can either skip a rung if you don’t want to follow that specific food group if you don’t want it to be added to your permanent eating habits.

Pre-Maintenance: The daily of consumption of carbohydrates for this phase is 10 grams each week based on the food groups you have chosen in the second phase. Aside from eating your ideal meal, always remember to drink eight glasses of water and if you have reached your goal weight for a couple of weeks, you can gradually increase your daily carb intake without gaining.

Lifetime Maintenance: This is the last phase and it involves lots of discipline as you continue the diet you have worked hard for. Stick to the program as much as you can and if you think you are gaining weight after a couple of months, then its time for you to drop to an earlier phase or begin the whole regimen again.

Analysis of a skull illustration vector

Woo! This one is a scary one. But one thing you should say, the person who designed it has taste. I have seen very many scary images, but like this one? No way. This is completely different from the others I have ever seen. This one has also an aesthetic look, also has a scary look. If you are looking for any spiritual taboo or something like this, you can make this mark for you.

Have you ever wanted the tattoos on your arm what Harley Davidson riders have? But didn’t you want to make it any regular tattoo? You can show this picture to your tattoo maker, he/she will also have an enjoy working on your picture and you can even show some uniqueness in your gang. So what are you up to?

One thing I should say, maybe this design with skull looks some adventurous feeling, the aesthetic design behind it seems to have similarities with Indian arts and graphics. This made the east and west together and represented the world with something meaning like karma. Like you can say, ultimately you are going to die and be like this skull even if your life is so colorful and you filled your life with joy. So, I think we might try to learn something spiritual through this art.

But the fact is, art doesn’t need meaning. At least I don’t seek meaning for what I like. I love to get what I like. So if you have a horror night show, or you want to invite people for spiritual voodoo any invitation card should contain this image. This is unique, there is no blood and violence and some cults might find it crazy and loving too. Or you can put it on your shoulder or arm as a tattoo too what I described earlier.

Just one advise, don’t try to scare children with this. Then the ghost from this image will catch you and then who knows what happens.

Why women want a bigger butt in today’s society

Before anyone considers herself as a woman, she should first know that she is an animal. This fact might sound rude but unfortunately, it is the painful truth. In fact, breaking it down, we get to know that humans are mammals. However, the positive part of it all is that human beings are primates meaning that they are the most intelligent animals on the planet. Like any other animal, human beings need mates of the opposite sex in order for them to have continuity and for their survival. Thanks to the God given intelligence, human beings are able to manipulate their level of attraction to the opposite sex. For instance ladies have made a big discovery that big bums drive men crazy. For this reason, a big percentage of women out there crave for big bums. In this article, we try to scrutinize some of the reasons as to why women of this era are into making their bums bigger.
The first reason has been elaborated quite well in the first paragraph. But in addition to that, there is the big bum for commercial purposes. This comes in handy especially in the entertainment scene. A point in case, ladies are used to spice up secular music. However, not any lady can be put in a music video and spice it up. Just like any other career, qualifications are crucial for a lady to be able to juice up a music video. Among these qualifications, is that a lady should have an attractive shape. But as we know, a big bum compliments a ladies shape. Therefore, for ladies who wish to join the entertainment industry( in music to be precise), they really need to have a big bum that compliments their body shape.
Living in an era where information is just a click away, everyone is always updated on the new trends in the world. Ladies trend keep on changing on daily basis.  Thinking of big bums as a trendy fashion could be abit crazy in the past but not in this era check this out A pointing case, Kim Kardashian is a lady that is known well all over the world; apart from her relationship issues she is admired by most people because of her big bums. Since she is a role model, many ladies would wish to have that sexy body like Kim’s. This trend has seen ladies undergo surgery or apply creams on their bums in the name of following the new trend(having a big but).
In conclusion, this article can’t exhaust all the reasons why ladies of this era crave for big bums, of which some of these reasons are crazy. However, it’s good to follow our hearts for the good reason. In short, if having a big bum pleases you, go ahead and get one. Surgery or creams can do.

I want to look glamorous and hairless like the celebs

You know, I am so sick of having to shave or wax all the time when I have to go to work or for the weekend. When summer comes by, I have to shave everyday to get into my bikini’s. I think it’s about time I invest my money in a way to permanently get rid of my unsightly body hair. I turned on my laptop the other night and started researching ways to permanently remove body hair. What caught my attention was what the movie stars and famous people do to get rid of their body hair.
They have so much money that they are always up with the technology and know what to do when it comes to beauty. I think it was Kim K. that I saw that does laser hair removal at the salons (I mean what doesn’t she do at the salons right?). And from the news articles, I think she spends in the six figures in laser hair removal treatments per year. Well, I don’t have that kind of money to spend, so I think I’m going to invest my hard earned cash into a laser hair removal machine I can use at home. Plus I’ll have my own privacy and I can use it whenever I wish. I have read reviews about hair removal machines and I will base my final decision on these.
I can’t imagine anything worse than showing my part parts and giving the laser in the hands of someone else. I got the confidence in purchasing a laser machine for use at home after reading some blogs about it. If you are like me and are thinking about it, do plenty of research so you know what to buy. This girl is really helpful, I asked her a few questions about which machine I should buy and she was really informative.